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Deploy Power BI Reports Like a Pro
Jan 01, 2024

Hello, here I am going to explain what are the ways to publish a Power BI report on the Power BI Service which is the Cloud solution provided by Power BI and on the on-premise solution, keep reading this blog and, you will be able to publish the report on the Power BI Service as well as in on-premise. Power BI Service(Cloud Solution) Prerequisites: Power BI Service Account:- You must have a Power BI Service Account in order to publish the report to the service. Power BI Desktop:- Install the Power BI desktop on your system. Note:- Before publishing the report, login in power bi desktop with your Power BI service account. There are simply three types: Publish from Power BI Desktop. Publish from Power BI Server. Publish using Power BI Rest API.   1: Publish from Power BI Desktop Publish from the Power BI Desktop is the easiest way to publish a Power BI report, First, open the report that you want to publish in Power BI Desktop then click on the publish icon.                                                          Figure 1: Power BI Desktop   When you click on it, it will ask you to select the workspace that you want to publish on. Then click on the select button, Bingo!! You successfully published the report.                                                                   Figure 2: Power BI Desktop   2: Publish from Power BI Service This is a second method to publish a Power BI Report, For that first log into the Power BI service and, open the workspace where you want to publish the report. After, Click on the Upload icon then browse your report, That’s it for the second method.                                                                  Figure 3: Power BI Service   3: Publish Using Power BI Rest API Here, We are using a PowerShell script that will work based on Power BI Rest API to publish the Power BI report. It is really simple to use Power BI Rest API with PowerShell script to deploy the report. To use Power BI API in PowerShell Script we need to install the MicrosoftPowerBIMgmt module. Install-Module -Name MicrosoftPowerBIMgmt Here are the steps to deploy the Power BI report using PowerShell Script.   Step 1: Create a required parameter Before publishing the report we need the following things that we will assign as parameter PBI Username:-  Assign the Username of the Power BI service Account. PBI Password:- Assign Password of Power BI service Account. WorkspaceName:- Assign workspace name. Report Name:- Assign Report name. Power BI File path:- Provide full Power BI File path where is located Workspace object:- In This variable, we assign the workspace id from the workspace name   Step 2: Make the password secure and create a credential variable.  $SecurePassword= ConvertTo-SecureString -String    $PBIPassword -AsPlainText -Force $Creds = New-Object Management.Automation.PSCredential -ArgumentList ($PBIUserName, $SecurePassword)   Step 3: Connect to Power BI Service Connect-PowerBIServiceAccount -Credential $Creds   Step 4: Publish the Report This is the final and very important step in this step we will publish the report. New-PowerBIReport -Path $pbixPath -Name $ReportName -Workspace $workspaceObject -ConflictAction CreateOrOverwrite   On-Premise Solution Prerequisites: Power BI report server:- You must have a Power BI report server that is installed in your system with fully configured and, it must be set up with a Database, web URL, and web portal. Power BI desktop report server:- Install the Power BI desktop report server in your system.        Note:- This is different than normal Power BI desktop There are simply two types: Using Power BI Desktop. Using Power BI Report Server.   1: Using Power BI Desktop. Open the report that you want to deploy then Open the “File” navigation option(situated in the upper-left corner) and, click on “save as”.                                                      Figure 4-  Power BI Desktop File panel Note:- When you click on “Power BI Report Server” you will get the below message where you have to give the web portal URL URL from the step of configuring the report server.                                                      Figure 5:-  Adding Report Server Address(Source:- Radacad)   After successful deployment, you will see a message with a link to the report.                                                            Figure 6:- Successfully published report(Source: Radacad). 2: Using Power BI Report Server. This is a different way to deploy the report so, first you have to open Power BI Report Server.                                                           Figure 7:-  Power BI  Report Server(Source: Radacad)   Click on “Upload” as mentioned in the above picture and upload Power BI Report from your files   Conclusion  I Hope I’ve Shown You How Easy It Is To deploy Power BI reports on the Report server as well as on-premise, So far we have learned the step-by-step process of it.

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