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Importance of going Digital in Covid-19 Pandemic 
Jun 22, 2020

Since January 2020, the world has been watching the unfolding of the Covid-19 pandemic. The infection has now reached just about every community on the planet leading to a current state of health crisis and economic uncertainty.  Most of us have felt a solid feeling of disturbance in our work and social lives. The whole world is all in all attempting to comprehend what occurs straightaway. The truth of the matter is that because of the interruption brought about by Covid-19 we have just experienced increasingly advanced change over the most recent 3 months than we have found over the most recent 25 years.   To completely guess what's going on, we should understand that these progressions will be driven by new mentalities and practices that our general public is presently beginning to embrace.  We are now observing impressions at it. Our exercises, for example, video conferencing, digital marketing and online ordering more effective than we at any point experienced previously. A considerable lot of these emphatically adjusted new arrangements will keep on existing significantly after the crisis is finished. Like cleanliness appraisals on food conveyance applications and acknowledgment of social separating procedures. Later, rather than asking "why meet over video?", individuals may ask, "for what reason do we have to meet face to face?"  If at any time there was a time for digital marketing to come to the fore, it is currently. Advertisements that would for the most part have been seen by thousands presently remain adjacent to discharge avenues, fewer people are wandering out to get papers and no one is holding occasions/events.   Meanwhile, with such huge numbers of people on the web and for more, the possibilities of seeing promotions via web-based networking media or interfacing with content advertising websites are more noteworthy.   There are some certain targets digital marketers can concentrate on, with numerous greater demands just now:  Search Engine Optimization  Social Media Marketing  Email Marketing  Content Marketing  Paid advertising (PPC, SEM, etc.)  The mentality change could be "We are in a battle with the virus since it has accomplished more harm than contending nations" or "We see a development of work at home economy (Online Work)". Researchers and specialists will be set on a higher platform than they are right now and the legislature will be relied upon to contribute and create framework and science that thinks about the populace. The changing outlooks could likewise move the viewpoints via web-based networking media.   Benefits of Online Marketing: Convenience and Quick Service  Low Cost for Operations  Measure and Track Results  Demographic Targeting  Global Marketing  Ability to Multitask  24/7 Marketing  Instance Transaction Service  Time-Effective Marketing  In outline, our mentality and practices have just begun to change. Unmistakably, the world will never be the equivalent in light of the fact that there will be durable impacts. After we settle essential services, we will probably change our objectives for advancement and strategy using digital services. From this rationale, we can see that the world's necessity for computerized innovation and advanced change is just quickening.   RELATED BLOGS: Marketing Mix For Today's Era

What is meant by MSBI?
Oct 16, 2019

MSBI stands for Microsoft Business Intelligence. This powerful suite is composed of tools that help in providing the best solutions for Business Intelligence and Data Mining Queries. This tool uses a Visual studio along with an SQL server. It empowers users to gain access to accurate and up-to-date information for better decision making in an organization. It offers different tools for different processes that are required in Business Intelligence (BI) solutions. MSBI is divided into 3 categories: SSIS – SQL Server Integration Services – Integration tool. This tool is used for integration like duping the data from one database to another like from Oracle to SQL Server or from Excel to SQL Server etc. This tool is also used for bulk transactions in the database like inserting lacs of records at once. We can create the integration services modules which will do the job for us.   SSAS – SQL Server Analytical Services -Analysis tool. This tool is used to analyze the performance of the SQL Server in terms of load balancing, heavy data, transaction, etc. So it is more or less related to the administration of the SQL Server using this tool. This is a very powerful tool and through this, we can analyze the data inserting into the database like how many transactions happen in a second, etc.   SSRS – SQL Server Reporting Services – Reporting tool. This is a very efficient tool as it is platform-independent. We can generate the report using this tool and can use it in any type of application. Nowadays this is very popular in the market.   “A visual always helps better to understand any concept.” The above Diagram broadly defines “Microsoft Business Intelligence (MSBI)”   RELATED BLOGS: POWER BI Report Integration