The 8 characteristics of the Top 1% of Good Performers!

Nov 20, 2019

It is a tough task when you have to select top performers out of your team of many. We all have been in the situation of judging others or being judged.

But, to actually identify a good performer tends to many common parameters

I've found the below to be the top 10 characteristics of the top 1%:


Goal-Oriented: These people know what they aiming at! They are clear right from the beginning why they have started and what they have to do to accomplish.

Ability to Persevere: Once you have set goals, automatically challenges show up! Top pros know this and can persevere through to achieve the goals. Whether it is a challenging prospect to internal battles of ability to deliver, they are able to persevere through the most difficult challenges to still win!

Creative: You might have heard “winners don’t do different things; they do thing differently” that quality of them make them separate from the group.

Self-Starter: The people belonging to 1% are not going to sit around and wait; they are the first to take action and they are constantly on the move to see what they can do to progress. They are constantly thinking about their funnel and what they need to do to grow it!

Growth Minded: These fellows are not content with just doing the basics. They are focused on constantly growing their skill sets to become a better version of themselves. They are focused on what else can they learn to become better at their craft, which ultimately leads to a humble mindset.

Compassionate: Hey, care - they truly do care. They care about their prospects, their reputation, their brand, and all the people they work with to deliver their solution. 

Ownership Mentality: Accountability is not a "bad" word in the mind of a top professional. They believe they have full ownership of their results and everything else. If they have a bad month, they don't blame anyone else but themselves. No matter the result, no matter the circumstances, they always take full ownership and accountability and that is why they are successful.

High Coachability: At the end of the day, no matter how good they are, they can always take feedback whether it is from their sales leader or their customers. AND they can execute on the feedback. They are willing to put the ego aside and be coachable no matter the circumstances!


So there you have it - The Top Characteristics of the Top 1% of well-performing Professionals! How many of these do you have? If you want to join an organization that trains you to develop the right characteristics, has an amazing culture, upward mobility, and more then check out



MagnusMinds' Commitment to Growth: Never-ending Learning
Feb 19, 2024

Introduction:  At MagnusMinds, we passionately believe that the key to success lies in the relentless pursuit of knowledge and growth. Our commitment to fostering a culture of continuous development is not just a statement; it is a way of life for our employees. In this blog, we will delve into the core of MagnusMinds' ethos, exploring the various avenues through which we empower our team members to thrive and excel in their professional journeys.    Investing in Knowledge:  At the heart of MagnusMinds' commitment to continuous development is our robust investment in training programs. We understand that staying ahead in today's dynamic business landscape requires a workforce equipped with the latest skills and knowledge. From specialized workshops to industry conferences, we provide our employees with diverse opportunities to enhance their expertise and stay abreast of emerging trends.    Mentorship Matters:  MagnusMinds places great emphasis on the power of mentorship. Our mentorship programs are designed to foster meaningful connections between experienced professionals and those looking to navigate their career paths. Seasoned mentors not only share their insights but also provide guidance, support, and encouragement, creating an environment where learning is a two-way street.    Tailored Development Plans:  Recognizing that each employee is on a unique professional journey, MagnusMinds takes a personalized approach to development. We work collaboratively with our team members to create tailored development plans that align with their career goals and aspirations. Whether it is acquiring new technical skills or honing leadership capabilities, we ensure that everyone's growth trajectory is supported.    Learning Beyond Boundaries:  MagnusMinds encourages its employees to explore learning opportunities beyond their immediate roles. Cross-functional exposure is not just welcomed; it is actively promoted. This approach not only broadens the skill sets of our team members but also fosters a culture of collaboration and innovation, where diverse perspectives are valued.    Learning from Each Other:  The strength of MagnusMinds lies in its diverse talent pool. We believe that everyone has something unique to offer and learning from each other is a continuous process. Whether through informal knowledge-sharing sessions, collaborative projects, or internal forums, we create spaces where employees can tap into the collective intelligence of the organization.    Celebrating Milestones:  Acknowledging and celebrating milestones is an integral part of MagnusMinds' culture. Whether it is completing a certification, leading a successful project, or achieving a personal development goal, we take pride in recognizing and applauding the efforts of our team members. These celebrations not only motivate individuals but also contribute to a positive and supportive work environment.    Conclusion:  In conclusion, MagnusMinds' culture of continuous development is not just about keeping up with the pace of change; it is about setting the pace. By investing in knowledge, promoting mentorship, offering tailored development plans, encouraging cross-functional learning, fostering knowledge-sharing, and celebrating achievements, we are building a workforce that is not just skilled but also passionate about their professional growth.    At MagnusMinds, learning never stops because our commitment to development is ingrained in our DNA. As we empower our employees to reach new heights, we are not just investing in their future; we are shaping the future of MagnusMinds itself. Join us on this journey of perpetual growth, where every day is an opportunity to learn, evolve, and succeed. 

Celebrate Excellence at Achievers Night
Jul 07, 2023

Achievers Night, a highly anticipated annual event, took place recently, leaving attendees in awe with its grandeur and celebration of outstanding accomplishments. This blog aims to provide an in-depth review of this remarkable evening, highlighting the captivating performances, inspirational speeches, and overall atmosphere that made it an unforgettable experience. Inspiring Keynote Speeches: The event featured notable achievers from various fields who delivered thought-provoking and inspiring keynote speeches. These accomplished individuals shared their personal journeys, highlighting the challenges they faced and the perseverance that led to their success. Their words of wisdom and valuable insights resonated with the audience, igniting a sense of motivation and determination to pursue their own dreams and goals. Recognition of Excellence: Achievers Night served as a platform to acknowledge and honor exceptional individuals who have made significant contributions in their respective domains. The event presented awards in various categories to recognize the remarkable achievements of these deserving individuals. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and admiration as the achievers took the stage, sharing their gratitude, and inspiring others with their stories. Unforgettable Performances: The stage was set ablaze with mesmerizing performances by talented individuals, showcasing their skills and entertaining the audience throughout the night. From amazing and funny dance performances to a hilarious stand-up comedy, each act was meticulously curated. The performers demonstrated their unwavering passion, leaving the audience in awe of their incredible talents. Elegance and Ambiance: Achievers Night was not just about recognizing accomplishments; it was an enchanting experience from start to finish. The venue was adorned with elegant decor, creating a sophisticated and celebratory ambiance. From the beautifully arranged seating to the impeccable lighting and sound systems, every detail was meticulously planned to ensure a memorable evening for all attendees. Conclusion: Achievers Night surpassed all expectations, providing an enchanting and inspiring experience for everyone involved. From outstanding performances to insightful speeches and the recognition of excellence, the event celebrated the achievements of extraordinary individuals and ignited a spark of ambition within each attendee. It was an evening that left a lasting impression, reminding us that with passion, perseverance, and dedication, we can all become achievers in our own right.

Quick Insights: The Importance of SMM
May 28, 2021

There has already been plenty said about social media, how it alters consumer behavior, and how businesses may utilize it to turn the tide in their favor. Despite the vast quantity of information available on the internet, many businesses have trouble grasping the concept of "Social Media Marketing" and how it works. As a result, here’s a complete guide that will simplify social media marketing for people who are having trouble coming up with effective marketing ideas. Social media is a worldwide network of over 3.5 billion people that enjoy sharing, seeking, and creating information. Business development tactics have quickly become inextricably linked to social media outlets. When it comes to creating genuine connections with customers, you can't ignore the power of "Social Media".   What is Social Media Marketing? It is the process of developing custom content for each social media platform in order to boost engagement and promote your brand. The goal of Social Media Marketing is to engage with your audience or customers and assist them in better understand your company. It is really useful to the success of your company. Just as in the offline world, your Social Media Marketing success depends on the ability to locate and make your target audience happy so that they appreciate your brand and share your stories with others. If your story isn't worth sharing, your Social Media Marketing efforts will be in vain.   Importance of Social Media Marketing: When consumers want to learn more about a company or product, they turn to social media since that's where they'll find other people talking about it. If you don't have a presence on social media, you are squandering a fantastic opportunity to create an impression. Every day, numerous times a day, your consumers and prospects use social media networks. Brands wishing to learn more about their customers' interests and preferences could use social media. According to the experts, smart businesses will continue to invest in social media in order to achieve long-term commercial growth. Your business can't afford to ignore social media in this increasingly competitive market.   Benefits of Social Media Marketing: You may use a Social Media Marketing strategy to reap a variety of benefits, such as expanding the reach of whatever you're offering by engaging in two-way dialogues with potential clients. The following are the few advantages of Social Media Marketing: 1. Social Media Marketing constantly finds a new audience for your business:  Nothing is more intimidating than speaking to a fresh audience or people who have never interacted with your brand. Social Media Marketing gives you access to tools and methods that make it simple to reach out to a new audience. You can utilize content on Facebook and other social media sites to communicate with potential customers. While it can be difficult to capture people's attention, compelling content can help you stand out.   2. Social Media Marketing helps customers form stronger relationships: If you are having a perception that Social Media Marketing is solely for selling and advertising, it’s high time that you should Rethink. To develop long-term relationships, successful brands interact and engage with their social media consumers. Instead of advertising your products or services, you can just ask your social media followers questions about them or offer something that will make their lives easier. You will gain their trust and demonstrate your concern for their wants and opinions in this manner. Before urging people to invest in you, you should always satisfy them first.   3. Social Media Marketing increases Leads and Conversions: Businesses can create leads through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin. To increase conversions, you can use a combination of paid and organic methods. To drive potential customers into your sales, there are some of the most effective techniques such as video marketing, paid ad campaigns, giveaways, and email opt-ins. As everything is happening online, Social Media Marketing is a better, faster, and simpler way to establish a database of potential customers. With more visibility, your business will have more conversion opportunities. Your social media followers may be drawn to your business’ website through compelling content, and as a result, they may become your loyal customers.   4. Social Media Marketing gives you an edge over your Competitors: There's a lot to be learned from your competitors' social media presence, especially if you're new to social media and don't have any strong marketing ideas. Progressive businesses keep a close eye on their competitors to evaluate what works and what doesn't. Following what your competitors are doing on social media should be an important element of your social media marketing plan. You might begin experimenting with what your competitors are doing well.   5. Social Media Marketing is economically beneficial: The most cost-effective and diverse way to promote a business is through social media marketing. Most social networking services allow you to create a profile for free. Even the cost of running a paid campaign to promote your content is relatively inexpensive when compared to other advertising platforms. There's always something you can do to increase the performance of your digital marketing. One of the advantages of social media marketing is that you can use real-time data to track your progress and fine-tune your plan.   Conclusion - There are more than 200 social networking websites to choose from. Make a name for yourself on at least a couple of them. Be where your target market is. To succeed, keep up with all of the current trends and technologies.   There is no better way to build your business than by combining Social Media Marketing with an effective influencer marketing approach.

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