Implementing Ethics in Daily Life

Sep 24, 2019

Ethics!! if you are asked what is Ethics?

What would be your answer -?

So easy .... Being Ethical is Ethics... It's so easy, I mean really it is so easy!!

If YES then why nowadays we all need a serious lesson for being ethical.

So here we go:-

Ethic is actually meant for all human beings, whatever profession you are in, Being Ethical sometimes comes at a personal cost.

In layman language, Ethics says - We should not Exploit other people, no lies, no cheating, and stealing... but most of the people are having more interest in doing this, that is matter to worry!!

There are a few other things you should know about ethics.

It's not all theory and complex dilemmas

To be honest, there is no balance at all now a day being it, employee or employer, all are focusing on personal benefit....We all see signals and if Traffic police will be there, we will wait till the signal changes otherwise we will simply break it...

Fake profiles on Linked In and other social media are examples of how ethical we all are!!

We always go for an option which gives us some benefits. WIN-WIN situation is just in a book.

I mean, we never pay attention to beggars but we will surely throw a grand party on Birthday,

we never get concerned for someone's problem whether it is because of us or not, we will surely break the signals if traffic police are not there,


That was something being an individual in society.

Let's see some examples of professionalsMoney is honey!!!! YES... we all are running for money, in this race, we hardly carry ethics, as being a part of any organization.

The majority of us will incline towards the thing which gives us monetary benefit, being its right or wrong... for short term benefit, one will never think if it may cost huge to someone else.

we will never fail to take credit for something which we have not done, its Appraisal time of course !!!!

"I have 5 offers in hand and I will choose the best one " what about the other 4 who are hoping for you.

Another example is -

I know many companies who don't pay salaries to their employees just because he is not able to bring a business!!

What about those efforts he put in, the time he spent in the company!

There are many examples which we can share because we might confront a lot of such scenario around us.


Look, and share your experience as well - Let's try to create a vibe where people do care for each other!


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