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Dec 01, 2020

If you're a marketer or company owner, you've certainly been advised more than once or twice by someone or the other that you should use SEO to boost your website traffic. That's because, in today’s world, SEO has established itself as an integral part of every good marketing campaign.

According to a report by, around 5.6 billion Google searches are made every day. With a number so huge, there's no question that people are already looking for what your company delivers online. But the question is how will you leverage all of the potentials?

Now that’s when SEO comes into play! 

But if you're not familiar with this strategy, you may not be persuaded that it's worth your time and money. 


So to understand the SEO in an easy and better way, we will go through the following scenarios:

  1. What is SEO? 

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It's a strategy in Digital Marketing which has evolved exponentially in recent years. In simple words, SEO is the method of promoting your business online using search engines such as Google and Bing and having your name in front of the billions of people who search online every day.

And while search engines such as Google offer paid advertisement strategies, SEO provides you with the advantage of the marketing power that search engines offer without paying for advertisements.


  1. What is the goal of SEO?

SEO consists of different techniques, actions, and best practices, all of which have the overall aim of enhancing your website ranking in search engines, which is why it is called "Search Engine Optimization."

For most companies, SEO aims to acquire leads from Search Engines through:

  • Boost organic traffic.
  • Boost keyword rankings.
  • Ranking for more keywords.

You need organic traffic in order to attract leads. And in order to attract organic traffic, the consumer is looking for the keywords that you need to rate highly.


  1. How does SEO work?

When a user searches something on Search Engines using keywords, it returns all the websites that have these keywords.

Perhaps from a strong material, visually appealing, swift loads, etc. Search Engines get to know which websites people are currently remaining on from all the websites there. All the above-mentioned things impact the response of people to a website.

Such websites probably rank on the Search Engine. 

There are 2 types of SEO:

  1. On-page SEO - It is also known as On-site SEO. On-page SEO is only 25% of the search engine rating effect of a website. You can do the On-page SEO for:

  1. Website Designing - Design an attractive, user-friendly, and fast-paced website to improve the user experience.

  1. Reviewing the Website:

  • Verifying the website's content and performance.
  • How quickly it gets loaded on different devices.
  • To check if the content is readable by users and search engines or not.
  1. Keyword Research - Research the keywords that are appropriate for your website. Also research about which are those different keywords that people use when they search for the particular services that you are providing. And after doing the proper Keyword Research, apply those keywords on your website.

Many Companies get attracted to On-page SEO only as it is substantial and transparent. But as mentioned earlier, this is just 25% of the job and it's not that influential.

What actually drives traffic to your website are Links. 


  1. Off-page SEO - It is also known as Off-site SEO. This is another type of SEO that is more time-consuming and costly, but far more effective and influential.

Off-page SEO is 75% of the part. The Giant one. This is where the rivalry is carried out and the sole reason why your website will rate higher than others.

Off-page SEO is a compilation of techniques and approaches that can be used by websites. Certain methods are ideal for applying to a certain website while being unsuccessful for others and vice versa.

This is also where much of the revenue from your SEO subscription goes. The off-page method is very long and will check your patience. As being said that most of your revenue  from your SEO subscription goes to Off-page SEO, it becomes very important to have an idea of how effective your SEO will be. 

In simple words, Off-page is a really long but effective process. Before you have actual outcomes, it takes months. Techniques and patience take place in Off-page SEO. Off-page SEO is the influential aspect of ranking a website on search engines. 

There are many technical aspects involved in this but creating Links with other websites is one of the most critical ones.

If many people connect to your website (The website gets linked, referenced, and shared a lot), odds are, via these connections, people can find their way to your website.


  1. How does SEO impact the business?

Back to the original question of our blog. And the straightforward answer is it doesn't affect your company if you're not ranked high on search engines. Every single day, you leave 3.5 billion chances on the table.

However, if you rank on search engines, the result may be immense. Every month, you could produce thousands of extra visitors to your website. You could get hundreds of leads per month if your website is successful at turning visitors into leads. That's how the company is influenced by SEO. The impact of SEO is enormous.


  1. Benefits of having SEO in your business.  

As we saw earlier that SEO will help you boost your website rankings in search engine results, it also has the potential to have an immense effect on the most critical priorities of your company, such as growing your leads and profits.

However, if you are still not convinced yet, the following are five of the best advantages of SEO for your website:

  1. SEO drives Quality Traffic.
  2. No need to pay for ads.
  3. SEO acquires more clicks than PPC.
  4. SEO helps in increasing brand visibility.
  5. SEO is the largest source of traffic.
  6. SEO can attract local customers.
  7. SEO brings high ROI and Conversions.


Conclusion - SEO has been an integral element of every marketing campaign today. SEO Marketing is the easiest way to increase your presence online and meet customers while they constantly look for results. It also offers a wealth of advantages that can not be offered by any other digital marketing strategy. In addition, the right approach will also help you boost the PR of your brand and get ahead of your rivals.

After mentioning so many obvious advantages, I cannot see a single reason why you should not optimize your site. 

So now without thinking ahead, start using SEO and experience the benefits all by yourself!



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