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The 8 characteristics of the Top 1% of Good Performers!
Nov 20, 2019

It is a tough task when you have to select top performers out of your team of many. We all have been in the situation of judging others or being judged. But, to actually identify a good performer tends to many common parameters I've found the below to be the top 10 characteristics of the top 1%:   Goal-Oriented: These people know what they aiming at! They are clear right from the beginning why they have started and what they have to do to accomplish. Ability to Persevere: Once you have set goals, automatically challenges show up! Top pros know this and can persevere through to achieve the goals. Whether it is a challenging prospect to internal battles of ability to deliver, they are able to persevere through the most difficult challenges to still win! Creative: You might have heard “winners don’t do different things; they do thing differently” that quality of them make them separate from the group. Self-Starter: The people belonging to 1% are not going to sit around and wait; they are the first to take action and they are constantly on the move to see what they can do to progress. They are constantly thinking about their funnel and what they need to do to grow it! Growth Minded: These fellows are not content with just doing the basics. They are focused on constantly growing their skill sets to become a better version of themselves. They are focused on what else can they learn to become better at their craft, which ultimately leads to a humble mindset. Compassionate: Hey, care - they truly do care. They care about their prospects, their reputation, their brand, and all the people they work with to deliver their solution.  Ownership Mentality: Accountability is not a "bad" word in the mind of a top professional. They believe they have full ownership of their results and everything else. If they have a bad month, they don't blame anyone else but themselves. No matter the result, no matter the circumstances, they always take full ownership and accountability and that is why they are successful. High Coachability: At the end of the day, no matter how good they are, they can always take feedback whether it is from their sales leader or their customers. AND they can execute on the feedback. They are willing to put the ego aside and be coachable no matter the circumstances!   So there you have it - The Top Characteristics of the Top 1% of well-performing Professionals! How many of these do you have? If you want to join an organization that trains you to develop the right characteristics, has an amazing culture, upward mobility, and more then check out www.magnusminds.net