Importance of Software Testing in SDLC

Aug 24, 2020

Testing is important as it discovers defects/errors before delivery to the customer, ensuring the quality of the software. It makes the software more reliable and easier to use. Thoroughly tested software ensures reliable, high-performance software operation.

For example, assume you are using an Online Shopping application to Place any order and Pay the amount of order using any online platform. So, you initiate the transaction, get a successful transaction message, and the amount also deducts from your account. However, your Order is not placed yet. Likewise, your account is also not reflecting the reversed transaction. This will surely make you upset and leave you as an unsatisfied customer.


Software testing contributes to the overall success of the project

  1. While requirement review and creating project timeline testers involvement - while review project requirement tester help to identification of some of the requirement defects even before their implementation. this help in Project cost and timeline.
  2. While the Design phase tester works with the system designers - it will increase the quality of design. it will help in reducing design flaws and make it user friendly.
  3. While Project Developments tester works with developers - Testers are aware of areas that are considered risky by the developer so they can adjust their preferences accordingly. In addition, the developers also get the tester's insights. Helps to recreate errors there and then, without going through a lengthy defect management process.
  4. Before the Software release testers verifying and validating the software - This helps detect errors that might otherwise go unnoticed, and supports the process of removing the defects that caused the failures. Running tests at multiple levels increase the likelihood that the software will have fewer bugs and also meet customer needs.


Reasons Why Software Testing is Important

1. Identification of Bugs and Defects

Testing phase is one phase that determines the bugs and errors in the application. These bugs can be at the unit level or system level. With so many testing phases, you get to keep away from any kind of bugs that may be affecting your application.


2. Improvement in Product Quality

As testing is a phase that helps in knowing the actual outcome and the expected outcome. Surely, it can help you to improve your product quality. With proper testing done, you come out of errors and develop perfect software applications for the users.


3. Technical Importance

In any SDLC lifecycle, the testing phase is important for the technical aspect, as it has to come out with the best technically sound application.


4. Improved Quality

Properly tested software gives you more confidence in coming up with great software. Secondly, it improves the quality of your software application as continuous and all kinds of testing modes have made a secure and safe application that can be used by the end-users.


5. Verification and validation

One of the main aims of the testing phase in SDLC is for verification and validation. Testing is a phase that can serve as metrics as it is used heavily in the V&V method. Based on the result, you could come out with a comparison between qualities amongst different products.


6. Reliability Estimation 

This is yet another important factor that is determined by the testing phase. If your software application has gone through all small levels like unit testing and major testing like regression testing and all, then surely it is a reliable application. Hence testing determines the reliability of your software application. Testing may serve as the best statistical method that defines operational testing on application resulting in a reliable software product.


7. Prove Usability and Operability

One very important aim of software testing is to prove the software is both usable and operable. Usability testing is where the software is released to a select group of users and their working with the product is observed. All aspects of a user's interaction with the software, like the ease of use and where users are facing problems, are recorded and analyzed


To conclude, the importance of software testing is imperative. Software testing is a crucial component of software product development because it improves consistency and performance. The main benefit of testing is the identification and subsequent removal of the errors. However, testing also helps developers and testers to compare actual and expected results in order to improve quality. If the software production happens without testing it, it could be useless or sometimes dangerous for customers. So, a tester should wear a unique hat that protects the reliability of the software and makes it safe to use in real-life scenarios.



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